All the Quests of the Osera Stage 2 RPG Edition!

Rooker Village Quests
- Quest Log Quests
- Normal Chest Quests

Rooker Village Quests
Required Level Location Reward
8+ Beginning Pannier Backpack, Amulet of Loss
8+ Troll Cave Brass Legs, Brass Armor, Ethno Coat, Garlic Amulet
8+ Skeleton Caves Viking Helmet, Crocodile Boots, Viking Shield, Platinum Amulet, Wand of Decay, Necrotic Rod
35+ Orc Quest Elvish Bow, Knight Axe, Modified Crossbow
45+ Wolf Mountain Plate Legs, Dark Armor, Eagle Shield
50+ Stalker Quest Spirit Cloak, Terra Rod, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Skull Staff
70+ Goblin Scavenger Quest Knight Legs, Terra Legs, Chain Bolter
70+ Dragon Mountain Quest Fire Sword, 10 Bronze Tokens
80+ Mad Scientist Towers Quest Spellbook of Enlightenment
90+ Dwarf Caves Quest Crown Helmet, Magma Monocle
100+ Dragon Cave Quest Dragon Shield, Magma Boots, Fire Axe, Assassin Dagger
110+ Bonelord Quest Bonelord Helmet, Bonelord Shield
Rooker Village (VIP AREA) Quests
Required Level Location Reward
30+ Minotaur Cave Quest Minotaur Backpack
50+ Goblin Hell Quest Terra Mantle
60+ Minotaur City Quest Minotaur Trophy, Knight Armor, Bright Sword, Lightning Boots
100+ Mad Stalker Quest Boots of Haste
100+ Dwarf Land Quest 25 Iron Ores, Crown Shield
Paradise Village (Mainland) Quests
Recommended Level Location Reward
120+ Troll Champion Quest Relic Sword, Chain Bolter
120+ Stalker Tower's Quest Griffin Shield
150+ Dwarf Mine Quest Swamplair Armor, Crown Armor
150+ Cyclops Mountain Quest Warrior Helmet
150+ Magician Tower Quest Hat of the Mad, Lightning Robe, Spellbook of Warding
200+ Fibula Bonelord Quest Dragon Robe, Greenwood Coat
200+ Orc Land Quest Paladin Armor, Blue Legs, Ruthless Axe, Crusader Helmet
200+ Haunted Mansion Quest 2 Ultimate Recovery Potions, 3 Crystal Coins
200+ Dragon Quest Dragon Backpack, Dragonbone Staff
250+ Two Tower Mage Quest Spellbook of Mind Control, Muck Rod, Wand of Defience
250+ Pirate Island Quest Pirate Backpack, Pirate Bag
300+ Black Knight Quest Zaoan Legs, Oceanborn Leviatan Armor, Royal Helmet
300+ Vampire Lord Quest Vampire Silk Slippers, Vampire Shield, 20 Vampire Lord Tokens
300+ Deep Fibula Quest Dragon Scale Mail, Dragon Scale Helmet, Calopteryx Cape
400+ Elf City Quest 15 Elven Hoof, Elven Amulet
400+ Secret Key's Quest (Elf Wars Quest) 30 Elven Hoof, Elethriel's Elemental Bow
?+ Hero Quest Zaoan Helmet, 10 Gold Tokens
?+ Wyrm Mountain Quest Prismatic Armor
?+ Pirate Island Quest Pirate Backpack, 15 Bronze Tokens
?+ Amazon Camp Quest Blue Legs, Zaoan Shoes
?+ Warlock Section Quest Blessed Sceptre, Spellscroll of Prophecies
?+ Demon Helmet Quest Demon Helmet, Demon Shield, Void Boots
?+ Annilathor Choose Between: Demon Armor, Stonecutter Axe, Teddy Bear, Royal Crossbow, Wand of Everblazing, Glacial Rod
?+ Pre-Lator Choose Between: Demon Shield, Wand of Defience, Muck Rod, Ornate Crossbow
?+ 2 Tower Magician Quest Void Shoes, Magician Hat
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