24 November 2020 (18:35)
We removed the Conjurer Skill Patch note since we cant get it to work just yet. This will be fixed for next update so you dont have to wait to long for this skill.
08 November 2020 (21:16)
S2 RPG Patch 1.5 Mainland will be Postponed 1-2 days. We didnt have the time to finish it & working all the time to try to make it 100%. Sorry for the delay.
18 October 2020 (12:35)
In afterhand we adjust the Exercise Wand's Price & Charges when buyin from NPC Exericser. The Charges is raised from 100 to 150 & cost in decreased from 10k to 8k each wand. This is to balance between the vocations the cost of Online Training.
17 October 2020 (18:28)
Patch 1.31 was posted on the same post as the 1.3 Update. Some smaller Adjustments was made.
08 October 2020 (06:43)
A Quick restart had to be made in the morning to fix some major bugs from the 1.1 update. We decreased the Attack Speed for Knights & gave them stronger damage instead. All Rods/Wands shoud hit less now aswell.
06 October 2020 (20:54)
Dwarf Quest didnt work & Some smaller bugs found during Day 3 of the new Osera Server. We Will release an Patch tommorow!
05 October 2020 (20:53)
We have fixed all major bugs that players had during the day. We are currently fixing with some smaller bugs aswell. Otherwise the server seem stabile. Happy hunting everyone. Good luck to level 150.
04 October 2020 (21:45)
We have just noticed that Quests wont work either on S2 Server. We are sorry for this matter & stay tuned.
04 October 2020 (21:30)
We had to disable the Shop System on our S2 Server, couse of items bought on Osera World website can be obtained by sayin !shop on the other world. We are sorry for this and working hard to fix this issue.
27 September 2020 (08:57)
Stage 2 RPG Edition will be Online from 4th October 18.00 CET Time. Multi World Client will be available for the 2 Osera Servers to switch between characters.
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