!buyhouse Use this command infront of a house you want to buy, with the required amount of cash in your backpack.
!leavehouse This command will leave the house you own.
!changesex With this command you can change your characters sex.
!uptime Use this command to check the servers uptime.
!deathlist Use !deathlist playername to view a players death list.
!online This command will show you the players online.
!kills Use this command to check your frags.
!report " If you find a bug or something use !report messageHere to report it to the admins.
!serverinfo This command will show you the server information.
!aol This command will buy you an Amulet of Loss for 12k gold.
!spells Use this commands to view your spells.
!soft Re-News the Soft Boots for 100k
!bless This command will buy you all blessings for 50k gold.
!shop This command will fetch the stuff you just bought from the shop.
!ultimatebless Normal Bless needed before can cast this talkaction. Will Recude the Exp loss by half of normal bless.
!exiva Can Exiva NPCs ingame. if you search for an NPC to find, then exiva the NPC and follow the directions.
!feru Re-News the Ferumbras shoes for 200k.
!stamina Let you buy stamina for gold. 30k each stamina minute that you wanna buy.
!exp Checks the exp rate that you currently have.
!mana Checks how much mana you have to spend until next magic level.
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