21 November 2021 - Osera S2 RPG Edition Server is closed from 18:00 CET Time Today.
16 November 2021 - We are currently working on to fix all major issues with S2 Server. We have alot on our plates and appriciate the patience alot.
10 November 2021 - The player online showing on this website is bugged and will be fixed as soon as possible!
07 November 2021 - OSERA v4 CLIENT IS NOW LIVE. Download it on the Downloads Page!

21 November 2021 (17:46) - Closed Server
Server Closed
Closed from: 18:00 CET Time.

Please Visit - https://ow.oseraonline.com
We have decided to close the S2 Server until Further Notice. 
Server is not stabile and there is alot of bugs we dont have time to adjust and fix right now.
We will not delete the characters or the database and this server will launch again within a couple of weeks.
We are sorry for this issue and we will reward the most loyal players on the S2 server on Both Osera World Server if you have a character there, and S2 when it has opened once again.
We will not close the website for the S2 Server but there will be no Server Opened. We will try to focus only on Osera World and to get so many players possible on the main server.
We hope you can create a character on Osera World and enjoy our first and main server.
Kind Regards,
Osera Team.
10 November 2021 (19:15) - Client Update v4.5
Client Update v4.5 
Bug Fixes
Restart: 19:10

Remember to Download the New Client after Restart!
We need to make some adjustments for our beloved v4 Client. The v4 Client is not quite finished yet, since we have more systems to add & more work to make the client more stabile during events when there is alot of creatures or spells on the screen.
We are still working to improve the v4 Client.
Read below to check what news Osera has in store for you this time!

- Buffing Skill is now added in the Skills Menu List, to show the skill progress.
GAME STORE IS ADDED ON OSERA WORLD. Another Buttom at the top of the Right of the Client.
NEW TASK SYSTEM. This is Osera World's new Task System with a very nice display & a Task Tracker. This system will be 100% finished later tonight and the Tasker NPC will be Re-Added to the map.

We are sorry for the delay of the maintenence and we have promised 60 Webshop Points to Each Players and this will be delivered at 21:00 Today.
Kind Regards,
Osera Team.
07 November 2021 (16:15) - S2 Second Edition
Second Edition
LAUNCH: 07/11-21 - 18:00 CET
Client: Osera v4
Patch: 2.0
Welcome to Osera World's Second Edition.  We are happy to announce some News for the Server & are quite exited to Launch once again on Sunday. 

This is Osera World's Sister Server "Stage 2 RPG Edition" is made from the main Oseran Map, but is adjusted to have lower exp and only Stage 2 content with a more RPG Feeling.
Read below for some News Notes for S2.
News Notes:

- New staff member & mapper that will handle only content adjustments.
- Osera Client v4 is updated with a better Panel with custom Icons.
-  Monsters is adjusted & lower damage with a better balance to the game.
- Updates will be held Once a week at minimum.
- Client Systems is upcomming.
We are happy to announce the Release of Both Osera Servers & choose wisely.
We will update Osera World before we go for next update on the S2 server.
Happy Hunting and Exploring!

Kind Regards,
Osera Team.
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